International Deluxe Party Basket


Get the party basket that is perfect for any occasion. This deluxe basket is specially crafted with tasty delicacies this world has to offer, such as Canadian wild smoked sockeye salmon, Mexico imitation elephant's snout, to tasty Shiitake Mushroom and more.

What's included:

  • 3 Bags of GM5 Dried Whole Blueberry (80g/each)
  • 3 Bags of GM5 Dried Whole Cranberry (80g/each)
  • 1 Fat Choy Mexican False Elephants's Snout (454g)
  • 1 Pack of Fukaoka Dried White Mushroom (100g)
  • 1 Pack of GM5 Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon (227g)
  • Complimentary GM5 Greeting Card


  • Pickup and Delivery is available! You can learn more about our pick up schedule and delivery services  here

Additional Information

  • Ocean Wise Recommended (Wild Salmon)