At GM5, we handpick healthy food products and only source the finest fruits and delicacies this world has to offer. As obsessive healthy foodies, our founder push themselves to try new things while never stray away from what matters the most: Promote overlooked Healthy and Quality Canadian made foods.

We support local produce and organic farming practices as a way of extending our passion for healthy living. In the case of produces that just aren’t locally or seasonally available (mmmmmm Sweet and Savory… Blueberry mooncakes), we take a long look at our suppliers, to verify their product quality and production standards, to make sure that our business morals and beliefs are aligned.

GM5 stands for Give Me Five. Our founders are driven to build a fun and healthy foodie community starting from Canada to the corners of the world, with one goal “to promotes and educates healthy lifestyle to all ages”.  

So join us in building this fun and tasty community, one healthy snack at a time.